Ahtapot / Mercanbaligi

(Entry Submitted By: Siviard Of The Shiva Server)

Ahtapot / Mercanbaligi

Targets: Ahtapot (ToAU version of Grimmonite), and Mercanbaligi (ToAU version of Bastore Bream)

Location: Nashmau

Fishing skill required: Recommended 50+ Equipment: Full fishing armor, Lu Shang's Fishing Rod, Shrimp Lure

Fish till you drop! Shrimp Lure eliminates all other potential fishes, except for these two which are your targets. These are GREAT for skill ups as well. They NPC for 600 gil (Mercs) and 700 gil (Ahtapot) each and is a very easy, and stress free way of making gil. You can fish until "fatigued" and make anywhere from 120-140k per night, depending on your catches.


kusumoto said...

what will happen if your fishing is much lower?

Selphiie said...

You have a higher chance of losing bait, but you can still catch them, you just probably won't skill up on them

Anonymous said...

I went out to try this, fishing skill 43, all the fishing gear, shrimp lure, Lu Shang's. The bite rate is terrible. Absolutely terrible. It started out really good, felt like maybe a 75%+ bite rate, but then in the span of roughly 15 or 20 mins I got one bite that was a merc, and one that was a rusty subligar. Everything else was "You didn't catch anything".
There were 3 fishbots on the dock as well, fishing up the shall-shell equivilants, so maybe that had something to do with it, or maybe I'm doing something wrong. I would not recommend this at all.

Anonymous said...

Siviard here.

If you try fishing here too soon with a lower fishing skill, the bite rate is going to suck. (don't know why)

But if you try going to Nashmau, say, around 60+ fishing skill, your bite rate will be much much higher. I recently had a LS mate literally FLY through fishing skills from 61 to 86 (Mercanbaligi cap) in the matter of a couple weeks.

My recommendation is to try this out once you hit 60 fishing. Good way to get to 60 is to fish Bhefhel Marlins off the Selbina/Mhaura ferry, try going for a few Mercurial Kris and farm some Albatross Rings, maybe even a Penguin Ring. You'll need those later on if you wish to take on Lik and Gugrusaurus for Ebisu Fishing Rod.

Anonymous said...

Fish bites are dependant on skill level. For example, going into Windurst Woods at level 100 with Insect Balls will catch you a bunch of Gold Carp. With level 0, you will rarely ever have a Gold Carp bite your bait.

Sander said...

I went there to fish today with 63 fishing and the bite rate has been magnificent. Combined it with pelican ring and I'm now 67 fishing, 4 lvls in one day, amazing.

Anonymous said...

You can fish up Pterygotus with 70 fishing skill using a Lu Shang + Lugworm. The Pterygotus will be the only thing that comes up as !!! everything else is garbage.

Anonymous said...

Addendum to previous comment: It feels like there's only 3-4 of this type of fish here so it could be frustrating to try to fish up if there are others fishing this beast.

Yeager: Ramuh said...

Regarding Pterygotus: Those are for people looking for fishing skill ups, since they cap at Lv. 99. Unfortunately, Pterygotus bites are few and far between even on a good moon phase.

If you're looking for skill ups, try out Talacca Cove. It is a short walk from the West exit in Nashmau. You can still use the same rod/bait combo as described in the OP (Lu Shang's/Shrimp Lure) and you will also catch the same Mercanbaligi and Ahtapot that you can catch in Nashmau. However, in Talacca Cove, you can also catch Dil, which are the ToAU version of Black Sole and also have the same level cap (96) as Black Sole, if you're looking to get some fishing skill ups. If you're a cook, you can synth them on the spot to make sushi, or if you're not a cook, you can also NPC them in Nashmau for a nice chunk of gil (750g per if I recall).

Yeager: Ramuh said...

Addendum regarding fishing at Talacca Cove: I would highly recommend coming as /WHM or /RDM for sneak. Although there are no mobs in the area, it is possible to fish up monsters, some of which can check VT to a Lv. 75 character. Prior to leaving Nashmau, I would recommend that you get Sanction with Refresh. That way, for the duration of your fishing trip, you won't run out of MP as long as you have Sanction up and can easily re-cast sneak whenever it is needed.

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