Angel Skin

(Entry Submitted By: Haohmaru of the Seraph Server)

Angel Skin

Location: Cape Terrigan

Target: Devil Manta (fished)

Suggested Level: 75 (solo), 65+ (duo)

Devil Manta can be fished up about every 12~15 min. it is a rare drop though (about 10%), but all you need is one, b/c it sells for close to 500k on AH. these are highly sought after by high level crafters of cursed equipment. this is not suggested unless you have a large block of time to devote to farming, otherwise you will most likely leave empty-handed but patience will be rewarded. i should note that this was heavily camped by RMT back when i farmed these, which has been a long while.


Anonymous said...

lol Angel skin is not near 40% drop closer to 10% or lower

Anonymous said...

The Devil Mantas in Cape Teriggan no longer drop the Angel Skin. The ones you fish up in Kuftal Tunnel near the Phantom Worm spawn area will drop it, but it is a very low drop rate, maybe 15% with TH3

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in what kind of Fishing Rod, Bait, and Skill you need to fish up these creatures.

Anonymous said...

carbon fiber rod. sabiki rig or shrimp lure.

Asiato/Chichaw of Bismarck. said...

It seems that Treasure Hunter 1~4 Does NOT help on this monster, just causes it to drop more items. I've gotten it 4 times in a day before without treasure hunter, and none in an entire day with Treasure Hunter 4(II+2). It seems inneffective to use treasure hunter. I am usually RDM74/BLM37 to nuke it to death, and occasionally /NIN depending on if I feel like meleeing or nuking. It's a pretty easy thing to guess, it's HP is lowered moderately slow, and moves swiftly. Some Pugils and Crabs will actually be HARDER(no typo) than the manta, so be wary. Nowadays, RMT don't hunt it as much. They have better things to do, lol^^;. It sells for roughly 550~570K on the Bismarck server. -Asiato/Chichaw

Anonymous said...

do you need any fishing skill for these?? I was there one time to try it and never could fish up anything... :/

Anonymous said...

you got the wrong zone on the list the zone is the one be for Cape

Orochimaru said...

Topic question is though >.< Do these require fishing skill which still lies unanswered...I read somewhere that it does not matter yet i cant get but crabs and pugs. Neways, i saw some ppl farming it there for an hr b4..i think that it has a window in which you can catch it you just have to have the skill to pull it up. They make it hard in accordence with the "Recast" of a fishing rod. I am going to farm there tonight.. and prob for a long time till i come up with the finaly conclusion..and not jsut a hypothesis on the fished monster Devil manta

Anonymous said...

so if u need to be able to fish it up then u need fishing skill, correct?? last time I was there trying it a devil manta popped unclaimed infront of the pound... idk why... but I was able to claim it :D, still w/o drop^^

Randy said...

You do not need any fishing skill in order to pull up monsters. Monsters are always very very easy to "wear down" when you have one on the hook. That being said, you can sometimes tell between monster types based on the amount of "fight" they give when you are fishing them up.

If you have Sneak applied when you fish, any monsters you pull up will be unclaimed by you; Someone else can claim them before you put your fishing rod away.

The 15 minute timer does apply; If you try and fish up monsters less than 15 minutes since the last Manta appearance, you will only fish up Crabs and Pugils.

Anonymous said...

wow a very nice explanation! thx!

Anonymous said...

Eh, the other day a friend asked me if I wanted to go do this with him and maybe a couple of other people and I said "sure why not". It was quite simple, really.

We had around 3 people, Me, SCH75/RDM37, NIN75/WAR37 and a THF75/NIN75, we would all fish at the same time and when someone caught a monster, nin would voke it off and pull it to the center of the room. Me and the THF continued to fish, if we got another useless mob then NIN would voke it off. By that time I would probably only have time to fish one more time before NIN needed healing, so THF kept on fishing while I healed+buffed NIN until one was dead. Once we finally got a manta, everyone stopped fishing, I slept the other mobs if there were any and we would kill the manta, then the spares. After that, we can kick back and relax knowing that there's a good 15 minutes relaxation.

This way pretty much guarantees the manta to your party, however, my friend told me that even with 3 people sometimes the solo ninja gets the manta. Still unsure if fishing skill has anything to do with it.

Went 1/3 on the first time we went here. 45 minutes of pretty much not doing anything for 166k each is awesome. The other day we came back because it was pretty easy and went 1/7. I guess luck plays a downplaying factor here.

Anonymous said...

how easily can a 75 sam/thf take this guy down?

Anonymous said...

Very easily, meditate 3 times between manta down time, then when and if you pull up the manta, use Sekkanoki then Gekko > Kasha (If you don't have kasha you can try Jinpu > Yuk), then meditate again and do gekko, using siegan + third eye throughout, you'll have about 75% hp left or more, easy fight which will take about 2 minutes.
Repeat and rinse.
I've always done this as SAM/THF, I went about 1/30 on this, so for me the drop rate seems 3% or less which is lousy and I could have farmed the 550k I made faster.
I no longer fish there.

Anonymous said...

This is STILL a good farming area, yes the drop rate is horrible but once you figure out the spawn, and what he feels like when he is on your line, he can spawn quite a few times in a day giving you a chance at a skin. On Titan the price of these skins has gone UP! which is amazing considering the economy is so screwed thanks to SE killing farming. Also if you are a high end bonecrater this is probably one of the best farming spots for you in the game.

Ekard said...

Ive been farming this monster for quite some time now and i find that a composite fishing rod works well with a fly lure. Also you do not need to have your fishing skill leveled. And i also find that there must be two pugils fished up at one time then you can fish up the devil manta.

Anonymous said...

First of all it doesnt matter whether you have 100 fishing or 0 you can still pull this bad boy up. I have put in countless hours here and you do not need any crabs or pugs fished up to get manta. There is only 2 pugs and two crabs if they are all fished up and slept the next fish caught has to be the manta. Very easy fight, 75 thf with bolts = Cake. Drop rate seems to be about 5% or so. Do not grab a non claimed manta, ppl sneak fish so the mobs fished up dont attack them, and these ppl put in their time too. One last point, don't automatically assume that because the fish is an easy reel in that its not the manta, I have fished up the manta many times reeling it in as easy as a crab.

Just my $0.02


Totema said...

Now, because of its use in a Gobbiebag quest, Angel Skin sells for 1.5M each. That M is for million, in case you think your eyes are deceiving you.

Anonymous said...

Not anymore, they have drop'd down back to atleast 500k last time I took a look at Shiva ah.

Anonymous said...

its the same on Alexander it sells for about 600k but ive been extremly lucky with it as a 75PLD/37WAR im about 7/13 on angleskin drop from manta

Anonymous said...

Any DD/DNC at 75 can easyly solo Devil Manta. You need 0 Fishing Skill, and I recomend Composit Fishing Rod and a Fly Lure. This is a realy easy money maker and no TH is needed. Ive soloed on BST SMN SAM DRG MNK NIN THF all with no difficulty. Just do note you can easly go 1/1 or 1/40-60 its all luck but be persistant and youll get it. It helps to learn your fish theres 5 mobs in pool. 2 Pugs 2 Crabs and Manta. If you get a fish on line that doesnt regen when you dont fight it its a crab. When you get a fish on hook and it says this "Somthings on the hook!" with 1 "!" its a Item let it go. Over all this is how I make my gil and ive got over 50mil in gear on my char alone not counting my husbands. Wish you all goodluck ^^

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