Location: Caslte Z or Caslte O

Target: Yagudo Conquistadors

Suggested Level: 55+

They drop all these Ninja Scrolls, which some sell for some decent gil. Scroll of Doton: Ni Scroll of Huton: Ni Scroll of Hyoton: Ni Scroll of Katon: Ni Scroll of Raiton: Ni Scroll of Suiton: Ni I know Hyoton sells for 30k. HOWEVER. They are rar, meaning you can only carry one, so once you get one scroll and another drops of the same scroll then you lose on gil, so bring a farming friend, or alot of warp scrolls.


Mr. said...

The scrolls do usually sell for a good bit overall, but the drop rate seemed pretty poor with TH1.

Alain said...

From my understanding and stated in FFxiclopedia they will never drop a scroll you already have, so buy the 3 cheap ones that way only the 3 expensive ones will drop for you, or just get the 3 cheap ones to drop while you kill if you can wait.

Jshaw said...

While the "bad" scrolls will not drop if you currently have them, it will not increase the chance of a "good" scroll dropping; it only masks the drop of a "bad" scroll.

Essentially all holding "bad" scrolls does is keep you from having to toss them over and over

Coming Soon

  • Magic Pot Shards
  • Spider Webs
  • Colibri Beak/Feathers
  • Demon Weapons
  • Gnole Claw
  • Lizard Egg/Tail/Skin
  • Lynx Hide/Meat
  • Ordelle's Caves
  • Hippogryph Feather/Tailfeather
  • Agaricus Mushroom
  • Thundermelon
  • Malboro Vine
  • Gigas Gauntlets/Helm
  • Raptor Skin
  • Avatar Blood
  • Lacquer Tree Log
  • Demon Horn/Skull
  • TOA Beastman Weapons