Cockatrice Meat

Cockatrice Meat

Location: Labyrinth Of Onzozo/Meriphautaud Mountains/Sauromgue Champaign

Target: Cockatrices

Suggested Level: 40+ For Mountains and Champaign/ 60+ for Onzozo

Meat sells quick for 14k a stack. Drop rate is horrible in Onzozo but the fact that there are so many makes up for it. The lower level ones are a little more generous, but are scarce and more spread out.


Terry said...

Good thing about the Cockatrice in Labrynth of Onzozo is that they also drop chest keys and the chest in there is hardly ever popped.

Mr. said...

I just wanted to vouch for how HORRIBLE the drop rate is in Onzozo. The only positives to going there is that you can camp Mysticmaker and the Great Axe NM, along with the random chest.

Anonymous said...

Sauromgue Champaign[s] is great for this they are all located at (K-6).

Also Zero competition.


Shannon said...

Actually I love this zone. Can make a circuit around killing cockatrices, and then once you hit the entrance, kill the leeches there for a few bloods, which have a great drop rate. A few extra k per stack for barely any extra work.

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