Dhalmel Hair

Location: West Sarutabaruta[S]

Target: Savanna Dhalmel
Suggested Level: 40+

Currently on the Odin server the Dhalmel Hair sells for 4k each and 30k a stack. They sell because Clothcrafters use them to make Cilice for Gobbiebag Quest VIII. They NPC sell for around 600gil but they do sell decently indivudally. The meat and femurs are just an added bonus if you have the inventory space.


Megumii, Sylph server said...

You can also synth hair:

Leathercraft (29)
Crystal: Wind
Dhalmel Hide x3

Yields: 1

HQ: ??? Possibly more

So alternatively farm hides and synth your hair for profit. This could be suitable for people lower than 40.

Svay said...

The drop rate on this is incredibly slow. I think I went an hour and a half of farming these and only got 3 Dhalmel Hairs. I only had TH1 so I'm not sure if there would be a huge difference in drop rates.

James said...

Averaged about 4 an hour with TH1. Not very efficient if you're needing to make a lot of money.

Arkitan said...

Dhalmel Hair new price: 1: 2k/Stack: 20k

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