Gold Ore/Gold Ingot

Location: Labyrinth Of Onzozo

Target: Goblin Miner(Ore)/Goblin Enchanter(Ingot)

Level Suggested: 75, i would say 66+ but the links might be a bit too hard to handle.

Gold Ingot, selling for 15-16k a pop on my server (Odin) and around 180k a stack, Miners also are generous to me and drop gold ores. So while waiting for manta respawns I know what I'll be doing. The Goblins also drop other ingots as well, and also drop 90-110gil, it isn't much but it does add up.


Anonymous said...

These have a horrid drop rate if your /thf. I love manta camp and I always kill the enchanters and miners but have yet to see an ingot or ore drop after going thru about 200 manta skins.

Shadowchaser said...

I farmed Onzono for 12 hours straight non-stop killing just Enchanters and Miners i got 1 Gold Ingot, 2 Silver Ingots, 5 Gold Ore,
4 Brass Ingots,and 5 Mythril coins and about 20k in gil drops so it is not a real profitable way to go.

Yeager: Ramuh said...

I do not recommend this at all. I came here as THF/BST to farm the Mantas and also kill Goblins between Manta spawns. I completely filled out my inventory with Manta Skins after 2 hours of farming, and I didn't see a single Ore/Ingot.

If you're coming to Onzozo, you're much better off farming Cockatrice Meat or Manta Skins.

Coming Soon

  • Magic Pot Shards
  • Spider Webs
  • Colibri Beak/Feathers
  • Demon Weapons
  • Gnole Claw
  • Lizard Egg/Tail/Skin
  • Lynx Hide/Meat
  • Ordelle's Caves
  • Hippogryph Feather/Tailfeather
  • Agaricus Mushroom
  • Thundermelon
  • Malboro Vine
  • Gigas Gauntlets/Helm
  • Raptor Skin
  • Avatar Blood
  • Lacquer Tree Log
  • Demon Horn/Skull
  • TOA Beastman Weapons