Beast/Fiend Blood

Fiend/Beast Blood

Location: Zitah

Target: Lesser Gaylas

Suggested Level: 50+

Beast Blood! Depending on your server you may want to just NPC them, a stack would go for around 7k and thats how much it sells on the AH on Odin, but im not lying when i say these bats shit these bloods, even 3 or 4. Drop rate was incredible i think ill be here instead of Mantas. I want to say the drop rate was atleast 90%
Fiend blood is also a plus however you might want to AH sell them instead of NPC, depending on your server, you might want to check it out for yourself.
NPC Sell the Beastblood for 7k guaranteed stack, no worrying about AH fees or undercutters.
"The Lesser Gaylas in Sanctuary of Zi'Tah stop spawning at 6:00. However, Lesser Gaylas that have already spawned by the time the window closes may not despawn until as late as 8:00. "~Wiki


Kyle said...

I managed to gain a total (taking out costs of outpost warping) 141.5k today in a total of 6 hours spread out over the day. 5 of those hours had 8-10 people in the area. It is a great spot as long as people do not get mean to each other.

Thank you for this spot info Selphiie!


Anonymous said...

During the day you can go to the north west part of the area and farm coeurls for their meat skin and whiskers. This makes the wait between bat spawns a lot less tedious, and somewhat profitable.


Anonymous said...

I know your guide says that this is a 50+ farming area, but I've heard it'd be a suicide run if you were to try this at 50. Do you know how accurate that is?

Anonymous said...

Regarding Farming at level 50,I came to farm here with my level 50 mnk, and the bats were really strong. They took 50% of my health in the first fight. I would not even attempt to look at a gob that is around the outpost. they will still aggro. I would agree that it would be a suicide attempt to farm here at 50. I would suggest you should be level 56 at least to farm here to get no aggro from the gobs ^^.

Anonymous said...

hmmm went there as 58 , gobs still EP to me but no aggro yet..

Nishnosh said...

Hello thankyou for an awesome guide im not too good at making gil but this has helped alot the blood drop is just awesome i have a sceen of my time there a couple of hours im happy =) put a couple of shots on my blog =).

Mike said...

Plus the music in this zone is awesome ^^;

aaron said...

I recently went farming here as a 56nin/15thf... ya i know gimp. Id like to add one thing, when the bats are down u can farm moss and tree cuttings. The moss goes for 7k a stack and the tree cutting 35ish. Also there is a lotto spawn NM that drops a nice GKT that sells for a lot but a really low drop rate. The NM is tough though i tried to fight and lost at 40% when i messed up shadows. He hits hard like 200-300 a hit so dont fight it till 65+. Well good luck.

Zidan of Ramuh

Anonymous said...

This Camp is no longer profitable due to the December 8 Update. It cut the price in 1/2.

Anonymous said...

SE you suck... are you trying to make us buy gil? Your new maze's "farming" potential is shaky at best and you take away all the faming mobs? What go back to fishing, waiting a month on plants, of fighting rmt for mobs? How about I go back to WOW?

Anonymous said...

I agree.

SE's huge nerf on NPCable items for profit is just ridiculous. Usually when I farm, I need to buy spells, not just equipment. Spells are a finite item, and you can't sell them back, so it's just money that dissapears. The whole thing with SE's NPCable items is that it creates gil, it doesn't circulate gil.

I am getting way sick of the iron grip they have on the economy and I have sent numerous emails requesting they add more ways for players to get money; with all of them not being answered.

Anonymous said...

Just recently playing this game and this blog is amazing!
So far ive only actually farmed silk/beehive chips, going to find a nice level 60 spot somewhere in this blog and try it out, but yeah i myself believe that SE allow RMT to operate, the amount of money they would be able to profit by simple monitering the sales and allowing them to take place would be tremendous, end of the day its a bussiness there running and theyd be crazy not to take advantage of a source of income of such which manifested itself within the MMO they created!

Anonymous said...

i am totally broke (from equiptment and stuff) soo i might try that out ^^
*~Littlecyber Asura~*

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