Slime Oil

(Entry Submitted By: Jager of the Sylph Server)

Slime Oil

Location: Korroloka Tunnel

Target: Jelly

Suggested Level: At least LV35, but I'll tell you the way a 75 does this.

This is my farming spot when I need the gil (or Sneak Oil). I would suggest to sub THF to 25 for Flee because it is a large area to kill. But if not, at least have TH. These jelly's oil drop 1 oil almost every other kill or 2. If you are lucky enough, you may get 2 to drop from one jelly. To start, begin in the middle of the entire area (The Bridge, it's the only place on the path where you'll see water.) From there, choose west or east, and start jelly bashing. When you finish one side of the slaughter, Flee to the other side, bash, flee, bash, and continue till you get tired. If you don't have Flee, it still works, it's just slower. If you are the only one farming jelly, you'll have almost a constant stream of kills and a bunch of oil to show for it.


Anonymous said...

Bring along iron ore, you may see a ??? at certain sections of the zone. Trade the iron ore to pop morion worm. M thatulum ffxiah to check value on ur server

Anonymous said...

K. Tunnel is rarely farmed from my experience, and the slimes are found very evenly spread throughout the length of the main tunnel, so you can control the spawns and timer if you need to. Also, in the back alley/area where Cargo Crab Collin spawns, there's a good group of jellies (4 or 5) there too.

These are usually found plenty on the AH (but I don't see many people in K. tunnel. Are there other slime oil spots people farm?), but they do sell fast so it's not that big of a problem. If you can't wait for them to sell, find an alchemist friend, and "contract" the slime oils.

Lastly, it is possible for K. Tunnel to have water weather so it's a nice bonus whenever the elementals are up.

Anonymous said...

A while back when i was farming these at 100% moon phase and TH1 one jelly dropped THREE slime oils. Next jelly dropped two, and jelly after that also dropped two.

Got insane drop rate on that day. Made 5 stacks in less than 2 hrs.

-Thomasi from Ragnarok-

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