Black Tiger Fang/Hide

Black Tiger Fang/Hide

Location: Carpenter's Landing/Jugner Forest/Batallia Downs

Target: Kitties!!!

Suggested Level: 30+

Black tiger fangs sell for a good 8k a stack and the ones in Batallia downs are more generous. Hides sell for 800gil each, non-stackable.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention you can do the quest in San D'Oria where you turn in 3 tiger fangs for 2,100 gil and some fame.

Corsy (Bahamut and Fenrir) said...

I'm out here farming these for the first time as a THF57 on Bahamut, and I discovered that you can also steal land crab meat. :3 More gils. With TH2 I'm getting a hide and a fang about 75% of the time.

Corsy (Bahamut and Fenrir) said...

To edit my previous post...That steal rate is horrible. ._. I got lucky that once. Better to just steal from and mug the goblins.

L.C.W. said...

In my experience (and I farm these often) I get fang drops more frequently in Jugner Forest, but there you suffer from the fewer numbers of Tigers. Hides seem a much more common drop in Batallia Downs but the fangs still drop pretty well.

Browolf said...

best place i've found is the bottom bit of carpenters. the entrance from the east side of jugner. lots of tigers, no one around, respawn quick. with TH2 lots of drops. stacks 7-8k on remora :D

Anonymous said...

beaucidine glacier has a good drop rate too, but since it's a higher level area, lower levels can't do it too well.

quest is 8400/stack, hides 1k/ea on AH and sell like hotcakes; stacks are a fortune if your leather is high enough.

also there are dark elementals that spawn, (weather permitting) and those NPC for 1k/ea, higher with fame of course and good quick gil if you're impatient with the AH.

or use for the leather you'll make.

Ezzi said...

75sam/dnc with a thf friend and you can get TONS of fangs off the one in Waj woodlands, these are tougher and i would go unless you are 75, with /dnc or a friend. with TH3 and me healing we got 1-2 fangs off each, we made 25k each in a hour, plus you can get the rare/ex item for ToAU quest

~Ezzi (remora)

Grif said...

Carpenters' Landing has 5 spawns on the narrow strip at G-8 and 2 spawns at G-10. I can camp G-8, chilling between fights for 4 minutes, and still make 25k/hr, if I do the Tiger's Teeth quest and NPC the hides. The weather is almost always stormy, so you get easy lightning clusters too.

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