Leech Saliva

Leech Saliva

Location: Sea Serpent Grotto

Target: Royal Leech

Recommended Level: 50

Your target are Royal Leeches and the drop you want is Leech Saliva. With TH3 the drop rate is just amazing, well over 90% drop rate, and they often times enough drop two. The only downside to this is they are not stackable, however a quick trip to Norg to the Standard Merchant: Solby-Maholby to NPC these will ease your inventory pain. These NPC sell for around 352 per Saliva, and that really does add up. I marked where they are on the map, there aren't that few I just put a red dot over areas on the map where you will find 1-3 Leeches. The time i spent there i saw no competition, this may be because it is a weekday at a time where everyone was at work, or it is a pain to get out here, especially with no outpost warp. However i have heard horror stories of fierce competition. Nevertheless, this farming spot deserves an official Selphiie seal of win for being one of the better NPC farming spots since Beast Blood.


Anonymous said...

also a NM pops there named Masan, it drops a pidgeons blood ruby 100%, ive been told its placeholder is a Purple Royal Leech

Konoko of Diabolos

Corsy (Bahamut and Fenrir) said...

Purple Royal Leech? This has been my main money-making spot for about a year now...I've never seen that. XD Have seen Masan, though, and that pidgeon's blood doesn't really sell. I usually end up NPCing it for slightly more than the leech saliva selling price.

Anonymous said...

I find that these guys are good money but alot of competion is SSG which came to a suprise.

Renegade(garuda) said...

This really is good gil even as 62Rng/25Thf i made a nice profit pretty quickly

Anonymous said...

Forget this farming spot now, it's utterly worthless now since the 8th december update, leech saliva now sells for 170g, so great if you wanna make 5k an hour, no thanks, SE you suck.

Anonymous said...

this spot was fixed by SE. The saliva dont vendor for as much anymore.

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