Seeing Spots (Quest)

Seeing Spots (Quest)

Location: Southern San d'Oria (S) (L-6

Target: Ladybug/Biddybug

Suggested Level: 70+

This is a fairly simple quest, trade 4 ladybug wings for 3k and it is repeatable. So for a stack of ladybug wings you get 9k, which does add up. Biddybugs have a better drop rate, almost around 90% from my experience, this is WITHOUT Treasure hunter also. However Biddybugs aggro lvl 75 Characters so i would not suggest doing this below 75. East Ronfaure[S] is lower level farming friendly.


kawaori said...

I gave these guys a try today and the drop rate DEFINITELY isn't about 90% without TH <.< lol.
After 30 mins and several Biddybugs I got away with merely 2 wings and a few beastmen's seals.

Selphiie said...

That's just my experience lol, but maybe I just got lucky ><;

Of course the drop rate with the ones in Jugner[S] are alot better with TH+ I haven't tried it myself to tell you the truth with TH.

When i went to play with the Biddybugs I walked away with a stack after about 40 minutes or so as PLD/DNC.

I think more testing would have to be done with TH+ but the only thing we know so far is the drop rate in Jugner is better than the drop rate in Ronfaure.


Anonymous said...

From my experience
Hume char: Thief with TH3
Its more of 75% drop rate.

Mithra char: Monk with no TH
Drop rate is sucky, near 25%.

Interestingly, the kindred seals and beastmen seals have higher rates when the wings have lower o_O;

Elusyve said...

To my knowledge of the workings of TH1,2/3/4, TH affects all non rare or ex drops. While treasure hunter II affects rare and ex drops. This would explain why your seal drop rate is also as good as your wing drop rate.

Please note all efforts on verifying TH effects are still very shady, but the above explanation is what I and many others in the thf community has accepted.

-Elusyve of Gilgamesh

Anonymous said...

and you, and many others in the thf community, is wrong.

Anonymous said...

This is where the term lolthf comes into play. >.>

SirGouki said...

Treasure hunter works by rolling multiple times for the same item. It adds one roll for each TH, up to 6 (+1 from two items) rolls per tier of drop. While this certainly gives the appearance of an increased percentage of drop, it is merely winning more times. Think of it as adding loot slots, you get 1 per drop + 1 for each TH. You can still not get anything, or could even walk away with 6 of something that normally drops once.

Trilion - Ramuh

Anonymous said...

wrong... lolthf

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  • Demon Weapons
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