Boyahda Moss

(Entry Submitted By: Ameroth of the Bismark Server)

Location: Pashhow Marshlands, Zi'Tah, Boyahda Tree

Target(s): Goobbues (any and all)

Suggested Level: Varies with area. Pashhow is probably 35+ for ease.

These can be great. A stack AHs for a quick 10k, but you can also trade them to Melyon in Selbina for 600g per moss. A stack will get you slightly less than AH, but the quest raises fame in Sandy, Bastok, and by proxy, Jeuno. Great for building fame and making gil.


Matt said...

How many spawns are there for these in Pashhow? Drop rate decent?

Anonymous said...

you can also farm bloods that drop off the bats here, a stack of these sell to npc for 6k+ drop rate is good but the area is pretty large to cover! saying so its far less competitive here than Buburimu Peninsula

Anonymous said...

Actually if you farm bloods at the same time from the Lesser Gaylas it wont get you 6k anymore >< will be around 3k due to the update.

Coming Soon

  • Magic Pot Shards
  • Spider Webs
  • Colibri Beak/Feathers
  • Demon Weapons
  • Gnole Claw
  • Lizard Egg/Tail/Skin
  • Lynx Hide/Meat
  • Ordelle's Caves
  • Hippogryph Feather/Tailfeather
  • Agaricus Mushroom
  • Thundermelon
  • Malboro Vine
  • Gigas Gauntlets/Helm
  • Raptor Skin
  • Avatar Blood
  • Lacquer Tree Log
  • Demon Horn/Skull
  • TOA Beastman Weapons