FFXI Farming

Greetings! Hello~ Selphiie here of the Odin Server to share some farming secrets that have worked for me. Hopefully you will find this guide handy whenever your looking for a little gil in your pocket for a date with that special Mithra, or for a little crafting, or even to buy yourself that nifty Haubergeon thats been in fashion among your Damage dealing friends:(Note: all of these farming tips I have /thf for Treasure Hunter. Now it is not REQUIRED, but it sure does come in handy, take a day one day and just level your THF job to 15 if you haven't already leveled it to 15, or even 75)(Note: Also note that im basing prices based on the Odin server, for information of prices from your server check your local AHs or


Corbulo said...

This is an amazing collection of information and references to use for collecting gil. Thanks for posting this and providing help to those who can use a little boost to their wallet =)

Moghouse said...

Hey Ms. Selphiie

A wonderful job you have done with this site on frming tips....

I have tryed many of the spots you have written about, and just great...

Thank you for sharing your secrets :)


Haraket said...

Good stuff, but I have a small suggestion to help us future farmers of Vana'diel...on the links to the many posts, you may want to include the suggested level with the item name. This would help us have to go through alot less clicking through things that are too high for some of us.

Skandulf said...

The sale prices for the following items have been changed:
Black Ink / Bugard Skin / H. Q. Bugard Skin / Orc Piercer / Yagudo Freezer / Shellbuster / Leech Saliva / Bird Blood / Beast Blood

This will hurt farming a lot. And youll have to update soon

Anonymous said...

Pretty much every NPC buy price on commonly farmed items has been cut by 50%.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't remove the price nerf'd farming spots:

Although the price of many NPC-able farming items such as Beast Blood and Bird Blood, etc have been cut, this has also drastically reduced the amount of farming competition so in the end you still make about the same money as you did before.

Almost nobody farms Zitah Lesser Gaylas on Phoenix for beast blood now and because there's no competition, I get about twice as much blood as when I did before the price cut at a lot less of a hassle.

Coming Soon

  • Magic Pot Shards
  • Spider Webs
  • Colibri Beak/Feathers
  • Demon Weapons
  • Gnole Claw
  • Lizard Egg/Tail/Skin
  • Lynx Hide/Meat
  • Ordelle's Caves
  • Hippogryph Feather/Tailfeather
  • Agaricus Mushroom
  • Thundermelon
  • Malboro Vine
  • Gigas Gauntlets/Helm
  • Raptor Skin
  • Avatar Blood
  • Lacquer Tree Log
  • Demon Horn/Skull
  • TOA Beastman Weapons