Land Crab Meat

Land Crab meat

Location: Anywhere with crab mobs.

Target: Crabs

Suggested Level: Varies

This is a decent farming area for both low and high level farmers. For lower level players one of the main mobs you fight in Valkurm Dunes/Korolokka Tunnel are crabs. The price of Land crab meat is steadily rising due to the fact that well, people don't sell them on the AH in stacks, but people buy them fast as soon as they go up. Lower level players tend to see they NPC for alot and just sell them to a NPC, but don't realize they can make more by stacking them and selling on the Auction House. For higher level players the Robber Crabs are a plenty in Kuftal Tunnel, even with exp partys and skill up partys and other farmers there should be no problem farming crabs since there are 62 Spawns.

The Boyahda tree is also nice for skill up partys/farmers. The lower level crabs at the bottom can be solo'd easily, however the higher level Steelshells may require a NPC or a partner, depending on job choice.

Kuftal tunnel by far has the best drop rate of 30%, and a lower drop rate on the H.Q Shells which NPC sell for 3k each. So for more patient/experienced farmers, farming crabs that drop crab shells (300gil NPC) H.Q Crab shells (3k NPC) and the crab meat itself is definitly a great alternative when your favorite farming spot is overcrowded, seeing as it is never hard to find crabs.

It may even be your main source of income.

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Kevin said...

Land Crab Meat can also be stolen from Tigers.

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