Manta Skins

Manta Skins

Location: Labyrinth Of Onzozo

Target: Flying Manta

Suggested Level: 66+(75s wont get aggro from Goblins or Mantas)

Your primary item will be Manta skins. This is probably my favorite place to farm them because the drop rate on the skins is unbeleivable, and there are so many in the Peg Powler room that its a constant killing of Octopus ^^. Now another upside to farming these is you dont have to worry about the hassle of the AH, just run to the nation with the highest fame and NPC sell them. Take an open inventory and just fill it with Manta Skins, I usually walk in with 50 open inventory spaces, thats 50k guaranteed without worrying about undercutters.

"Peg Powler" is a lottery spawn of the Flying Mantas here, and with Gilfinder can land you a quick 9k.


Patriclis said...

My favourite farming spot on PLD75/THF37

Best thing is 8/10 mantas to a 75 are EP, so you get beastmen seals and kindred seals while farming which makes it even better money :D

Patriclis said...

WHOA! update on this farming spot. Again more opportunity for gil.

The mantas also drop shall shells. On my server those are 9k a stack and they have a fair drop rate. Considering they stack i dont see why you wouldn't save 1 inventory spot for them :P.

Anonymous said...

The drop rate on these are terribly low, without /THF it's about 10%, and with /THF it's about 15%, really not worth the time, I made about 10k in an hour, this is one of the worst farming spots I've ever seen.

Skandulf said...

Drop rate was modified by SE in an update, just realized it now. I HATE IT. Today they undercut price on drops from the most farmed mobs by 50%. They are killing farmers that dont have THF with TH3 or 4.

Anonymous said...

I tried to farm those skins when I first read about it, were excited that it would be a fast drop. But I was wrong, it took me a lot of time to just farm some manta skin ^^;

Anonymous said...

not sure if they updated drop rate again but i have killed about 8 and got 7 drops as sam/thf

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