Beastman Blood

Beastman Blood

Location: Pashhow Marshlands

Target: Thread Leech

Suggested Level: 30+

Expect alot of competition, and undercutting unfortunately. I remember back when these went for 100k a stack, its only 30k a stack now but hey, its 30k and for players not yet 75 but over 30 this can be a steady source of income for awhile. The Leeches like to hang around the water in Pashhow. A good tip when running back and forth between water areas of the Marshlands is kill crawlers/goobues for Cuttings/Silk.


Yondaime said...

Great place to farm these would be the northwestern marsh, "Hoaxmarsh". Only problem is that there's usually a ton of people that camp it here :\ On the plus side, there's crawlers, leeches and an NM leech that drops the Bloodbead Amulet, about 5-10k depending on your server :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, a great place to farm these little leeches, however, if you are, indeed a level 30~40 magic user, don't expect to be killing these as soon as they spawn.

Pashhow is one of the most frequent weather areas for water, and since leeches and water elementals hang around water, I hope you can see where this goes. Unless there is a 50~60 around to kill it, or if you have a farming buddy, water elementals will get in your way, especially if you go to Hoaxmarsh. If you DO arggo a water elemental via magic and have no hope of beating it, sleep it and run like hell.

Natexplosion said...

you can also try Jugner Forest, the leeches here drop Beastman Blood though I have no idea what the drop rate is. They leeches are always in those mini canyons on the path. I haven't tried this personally, I just noticed these drop it when I was looking it up on wiki.

Ladislao on Bahamut said...

The Leeches in Jugner Dont Drop Beastman Blood Just Fiend Blood

Totema said...

While Hoaxmarsh is indeed a great camp, my personal favorite is Rotmarsh, the southwestern-most marsh. It's so far from the Rolanberry entrance and the outpost that it's almost always open and ignored, and thus far I've seen only two other people try to compete with me for it. Beastman blood is a pretty good option from the time that you can start killing the leeches, but note that if you only have TH1 (or no TH) the drop rate can be pretty damn horrid most days. The most I've ever made on a single day's farming of these is 60k. I'd imagine it's already a lot better with TH2 and onward.

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