Hickory Lumber

Hickory Lumber



Suggested Level:

Not going to lie here, the drop rate on the lumber is miserable, and almost not worth it. However, this is aimed for more patient farmers who also have woodworking leveled. Two of these lumbers can be crafted into a Hickory Shield, which can be used to spawn Gration for a Tatami shield, and THAT is where the profit is. Either that or you can try bazaaring the shield (or if you don't have woodworking, bazaaring the lumber) wherever your major Jeuno bazaar zone is, (Batallia downs being Odin's Bazaar zone). No downside really, except the occasional competition, however there are countless Gigas and 5 minute respawns, having 3-4 other farmers you won't really notice it as long as you cooperate a bit. The gigas also drop gil which adds up if you are there for awhile. 100-250~ish gil each.


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MogKnight said...

I've been farming these for quite a bit and I usually have my girlfriend solo Gration on RDM. While it's possible and can make a good profit, the drop rate on the lumber themselves is, as stated, pretty horrible and with Gration, it's a 50/50 chance and probably an hour or so to solo it. Now, if you can make HQs and you're a RDM that can solo it... Might be worth your while.

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