Gausebit Grass

Location: Meriphataud Mountains

Target: Crane Flys

Suggested Level: 21+

Gausebit Grass is your main target here from the crane flys, my favorite area was around the outpost. You may have to wander a bit to get them but the drop rate on the Gausebit Grass is incredible even without Treasure Hunter, and can even sometimes drop two. This is really good for lower level characters looking for quick gil. They don't sell on the AH all to well, what you want to do with the Grass is stack them up and sell them to the NPC in a place where you have the best fame, they NPC sell for 200gil with low fame, 204 gil with higher fame, a 4 gil difference, Oh boy. Lol. Anyway a stack of grass will sell at a NPC for 2,400. It isn't much but it does add up and like I said, great for lower level players looking for quick gil.

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Icydeath said...

A Long long time ago... I use to farm this area. But I did not only farm for Gausebit Grass i also farmed
Coeurl Meat, 9k a stack (on Asura), Npc Sell: 240~246 gil

Coeurl Hide, 2k, Npc Sell:~615 gil
(I used the hide to raise my crafting)

Regen Scrolls, 7k

I call it the Figure 8 when farming this area. Start at the top area of by the Zi'tah zone clear the area of Fly's and Coeurl's, work your way south around the little mountian, killing everything. Move your way to the White spine where the weapons are, kill the weapons on both sides of it (towards castle O zone). After the weapons are dead, flee back to the top and start all over again.

Depending on how much inv. space you have and how much time you are willing to spend farm this you should come out with a nice lil. chunk of change.

Happy Huntings (hope this helps)

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