Hakutaku Eyes

(Guide Courtesy of Fndragon of the Diabolos Server)

Hakutaku Eye Farming - A guide by Fndragon, Diabolos server.

I've farmed around 30 clusters personally, synthed them all myself. This was easily done because I have Beastmaster job at 75, and I also have Alchemy at 100.

General Information:
You'll get about one eye every hour if you monopolize all of the claims. This is with constant killing, and with no Treasure Hunter traits. I've gotten both horribly lucky and horribly unlucky, but it's a good average. Also, this doesn't involve travel times, which are large. Hecteyes detect by sound only, and they don't link. They have two TP moves, Hex Eye (strong paralyze), and Death Ray( magic damage), and they can cast BLM spells according to their level. Also, most of these camps make great NPC levelling areas, since you'll usually be by yourself and the mobs are anywhere between 55 and 77.

Beastmaster Specific:
I'll lay out what local mobs are in the area, but one trick I've found is to charm a hecteye and have it fight another using your help. Once you're finished, your pet should be close to death - simply release it, charm another hecteye, and go to town on your former pet before he disappears and/or regens health. (you've got 10 seconds from when you Leave to re-engage). The downside with this leave -> charm -> fight monster that was "Leave"'d is that you usually don't get any xp because the monster didn't start at 100% health.

Earthen Hakutaktu Eyes - SSG:
These are behind the Mythril Coin door in SSG: Blubber Eyes. Find your way to the pond area, and take the door at the northwest corner of the room. There are 6 spawns, starting at a deadend at I-7 on the Mythril Coin map, and then there are four more along a route with the final two at G-7. These are very low level mobs, and you'll be waiting on the repop timer. Bring Courier Carrie, as the mobs around here suck to charm, unless you want to go back to the pond room and charm a GreatClaw off the bridge to use as a pet (advised if you're REALLY cheap).

Burning Hakutaku Eyes - KRT:
These are in the higher-level section of KRT, accessable through a teleporter on the first map in the southwest corner. Simply get to the teleporter, use it, then hug the right hand wall all the way in and you'll come to a single room with five Thousandeyes. That's it; Five eyes, on a 15 minute timer. The good news is they're weak and easily killable with BST/THF. Local pets are bats and scorpions, which are also low level. You'll pull hate pretty easily, I'd recommend BST/THF, using Signet for evasion bonus and a CourierCarrie jugpet.

Damp Hakutaku Eyes - Ifrit's Cauldron:
There are six total spawns of Dodomeki in Ifrit's, however there is one group of four and one group of two, and they are separated by a vast expanse of aggro and annoyance. I hate farming these eyes the most, as they have the most downtime between fights due to the low # of pops. These are located on Map 7 of Ifrit's Cauldron, around the square room at H-11 (and one more in the hallway to the south). Local mobs are GREAT at killing hecteyes - charm a Scorpion and enjoy the carnage. Mind the bombs and Goblin aggro here, too, I usually invis up to pull the one in the hallway back to the main room to fight it.

Golden Hakutaku Eyes - SSG:
These are the eyes you really can't get "on a whim" of farming. You need to get a Sahagin Key in order to pass through the door to get to where these hecteyes live. The key is gotten with a variety of Beastcoins, see the wiki for exact details; It involves a lot of sneaking around and expense since to repeat the key quest you need to give up a gold beastcoin and a norg shell (which is easily fishable at the pond if you're in need). Once you have the key, you can get in exactly once. You can't open the door from the other side, but if you have friends with you they can get in when you open the door. Once you're inside, walk across the bridge, around the corner, and you should be in a room with lots of sahagin, crabs, bats, and Millioneyes. I prefer to fight in the doorway between the two rooms of Millioneyes, fighting there when possible. Millioneyes are your prey and MIllioneyes are your pets. At least you won't lack for respawns, they're all over the place up there. The crabs are "OK" but it's best to wear two hecteyes down at the same time.

Wooden Hakutaku Eyes - Den of Rancor:
You need the "Paintbrush of Souls" to get to the correct portion of this zone. I think that's a part of the ZM's, or somehow related. Anyway, you've gotta truck through the Temple of Ugglepih, back out to Jhoator, back in to Ugglepih, kill a "Temple Guardian" to open a door, dodge the Manipulator, then use the "Paintbrush of Souls" (while in first person view, waiting for a minute before confirming) to open the door to the Den of Rancor.

And *then* it gets difficult.

Well, sorta. To get to the eye camp from the zone entrance, sneak/invisible up, and just head due south. Watch for holes in the ground (don't fall), and if you keep heading south as often as you can you'll see your first Millioneyes. Once there head north and you'll be at the actual Hakutaku spot where there are lots of Tough - Decent Challenge Millioneyes. Oh, and avoid aggro on the way - there are sound-detecting slimes and bats, and sight-detecting Tonberries along the way. Pets are other Millioneyes, but watch out for pulling hate - these Millioneyes aren't afraid to use Thundaga 3 to ruin your day. Also, at this camp you'll learn to hate the Millioneyes' resistance to Charm. These are, on average, Even Match, which means if you are a Multi-tasking Beastmaster, you can skill up on your other weapons while farming - you won't pull hate with an underlevelled weapon

Putting it all together
Find a Light Crystal and a Fiend Blood (both findable on the AH and other places), and find a friendly Alchemist at level 84+ to synth it. If the synth fails, ALL 5 eyes will be lost 100% of the time.

As far as farming this for money goes, the current rate (July '08, Diabolos server) is about 300k per cluster. It's not bad, but considering it takes me on average 5-10 hours per cluster (including travel times, etc), and the cost of teleports, keys, and reraise gorgets (YES, YOU NEED THESE), it's a bargain to just buy the damn thing. Go do an ISNM for money and buy them off some bazaar or something. Seriously, after a few hours of fighting hecteyes for their eyeballs, I start feeling more than a little crazy. The drop rate is pretty horrible, the mobs can cast huge magic damage spells, their paralyze is incredibly potent, and most jobs other than Beastmaster have a VERY hard time soloing these for profit. I would not recommend farming these otherwise on any other job due to the difficulty.


Randy said...

Heh, that was quick! I didn't expect it to be up already!

Anyway, to advertise, I can and will synth clusters for free on Diabolos if you can find me. And I mean it too - if I'm out doing Campaign, I'm not coming back to whitegate to synth for ya! =)

I've been thinking about doing another batch of clusters since money is kinda tight and they require unique skills to farm. If you need/want a cluster, put an order in with me and I'll give ya a time estimate.

Zoltran said...

Farmed all 5 eyes in about a week! Got all the the eyes in a reasonable amount of time, except the cauldron, but I managed a couple bomb queen ashes as well. I would estimate it took me about 10 hours in total, I did it on 75NIN/THF and /WHM when needed. I couldn't find many clusters for sale hence the reason i farmed them, but the approximate going rate on Alexander (as of March 2009) was 300k. Honestly they're not worth 300k it wasn't very difficult to farm, hardest part was finding an alchemist, of level, willing to do the synth. Good luck! If you're on alex and looking for some help send me a tell.

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