Location: Lufaise Meadows(Warning On Odin: RMT Own this farming spot). Wajaom Woodlands. Jugner Forest. Batallia Downs.

Target: Walking Trees

Suggested Level: 75 (30 For trees in Jugner)

Mistletoe, Mistletoe, Mistletoe! Sells lightning fast for 5k on the AH. But so does a stack of Mistletoe for 58K! Misereaux Coast trees basically crap Mistletoe, but RMT on this server figured it out and monopolize the area (boy i cant wait until they are banned). There are a few spawns in Jugner, you have to find yourself and mark their spawn points on your map. There aren't many in Batallia and its a long walk to get there through the Glacier.

There are also higher level Trees in Wajaom Woodlands and Bhaflau Thickets. These con around Decent Challenge to a 75, but easily soloable with skill. Be aware that they do link with the sapling mobs that like to linger around their spawn areas, which could prove a little difficult while soloing. However the drop rate is alot better with these higher level trees. (Tested with TH2). I have seen trees in Caedarve Mire hanging around the area around the zone to Arrapago Reef where you enter for the PUP Quest. Expect pretty heavy competition on trees even the higher level ones in Aht Urghan.


Anonymous said...

Knotty Treants in Grauberg_S also drop Mistletoe. ^^

Anonymous said...

I just started farming those knottys last week, they are golden. All the good Treant goodies + small XP and SEALS!

Selphiie said...

Yeah, i was out in Grauberg a few weeks ago skilling up on these trees with a friend, i think i'll get a few screenshots next time i'm there.

SE made it a little harder on the stupid RMT to own these because of the chigoes, however smarter legit players will know how to handle/avoid them while farming.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a tough time finding the treatns that drop these frequently. The leshy drop 1/10 :P even with TH

Anonymous said...

Where are the Treants in Grauberg (S)??

Anonymous said...

If you OP warp out to grauberg just head south you get to an area with sapling, treants, chigoes and an occasional wandering gob.

Chris said...

RIP Mistletoe. SE Nerfed you hardcore.

Veloxe said...

Ya, SE nerfed the ALCH item that people were turning into mistletoe and introducing tons of gil into the system. However the market probably won't ever bottom out. It won't be as good as it was, but it is still worth it to farm them.

Anonymous said...

Ruined as of september 2008 update, went from 5k each to 700 each on Bismarck. SE changed the NPC sell price for remedies, making this synth fairly worthless now.

Anonymous said...

As of September 2008 update, the AH price of this totally bottomed out. Dropped from a very fast 5k to a rather slow 700gil each. They were so popular before due to being part of the synthesis for Remedies. SE changed the price at which NPC buy remedies so there was no longer a high demand for these :(

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