Fear Of The Dark II

Location: Suldiran - Al Zahbi (J-9/10), 2nd Floor

Target: Imp Wings

Suggested Level: 75

I say 75, but really lower levels partys around the higher 60s who come to party in Caedarva Mire can also get imp wings. It's basically the same quest as the first one, it just requires 2 imps
and it raises Aht Urghan fame. This is really just for a side item to farm as you exp/merit hope the imp wings drop onto you... although at 75, 200 gil should be chump change lol.

-shrug- Hey it pays for those airship fees

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Coming Soon

  • Magic Pot Shards
  • Spider Webs
  • Colibri Beak/Feathers
  • Demon Weapons
  • Gnole Claw
  • Lizard Egg/Tail/Skin
  • Lynx Hide/Meat
  • Ordelle's Caves
  • Hippogryph Feather/Tailfeather
  • Agaricus Mushroom
  • Thundermelon
  • Malboro Vine
  • Gigas Gauntlets/Helm
  • Raptor Skin
  • Avatar Blood
  • Lacquer Tree Log
  • Demon Horn/Skull
  • TOA Beastman Weapons