Silk Thread

(Entry Submitted By: Kitty of

Silk Thread

Location: East Sarutabaruta

Target: Crawlers

Suggested Level: 15+

I think for me and a lot of people, this was the first reliable source of income back when silk threads were like 1k each. For some reason it seems the lowest level crawlers drop silk much faster than higher level ones. Farm these crawlers from a set path near the J-7 Horutoto tower, running west up the path north, then circle back east towards the zone to Tahrongi, then drop down south again. With any luck, maybe Spini Spipi will pop and you'll get a Mist Silk Cape too, though you should be around 20 if you're attempting to solo it. I also think that low level craft farming is profitable too, as I usually wait until I have a few stacks of lightning crystals, then farm the Yagudos as I'm farming the crawlers. Yagudo bead necklaces don't stack, but craft it with a lightning crystal into a copper ingot and you can sell stacks of those for 3-4k each. This is the basic path that I take. The red area doesn't really have any yagudos or crawlers, but since i sub /thf i just flee past it.


Anonymous said...

Still a worthwhile seller, Silk thread sells on Midgardsormr for 9-13k a stack. After spending 5 hrs farming, with 5 stacks of silk thread, a load of crawler calculi and a mist silk cape, I netted about 90k from the ah (And quest giver for the crawler Calculi). A good moderate form of acquiring gil.

-Arielyanna (Midgardsormr)

Anonymous said...

I like Maze od Shak. better, cause you can steal silk from the crawlers

Anonymous said...

I've had good luck in Shakhrami's Lost for Words room. Two scorpions and a bunch of crawlers. You can make a giant train and kill with ease. :D

-Naheo (Bahamut)

Anonymous said...

When I used to play on Valefor about a year-year and a half ago, the price for a stack of silk thread in Jeuno or Windurst was around 20k for months and, I kid you not, I saw it get up to almost 60,000 for about a 2 weeks at one point. But at that time everything seemed to be going up in price.

Anonymous said...

Level 19 thief. Farmed Crawlers around J7 for about 2 hours (on and off) and i got a stack of silk, stack of cottom (Stealing from Mandragoras), stack of beehives, and 2 silk capes (after i put the first one on AH), so i made a good 70k in less than 2 hours.

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Elliott Broidy said...


Coming Soon

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  • Thundermelon
  • Malboro Vine
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