Eft Skin

Location: Bibiki Bay around the Manaclipper docks

Target: Eft

Recommended Level: 45+

I kill these while waiting for the manaclipper to go to P.Isle where the real farming is. However for those of you who have no desire to travel to the isle, this can be a decent spot to farm. The Eft skin sells for cheap, but sells decently for around 1k gil each. I can tell you now don't expect a beautiful drop rate, especially as /thf with onyl TH1. Atleast with my experience the drop rate was pretty bad. You may get lucky and get an H.Q Eft skin which sell for a little better.

However for those of you who know what im about to say, you probably are Eft Veterans.


These Efts are a lottery spawn of a NM that drops the Magic Slacks, (And Curaga earring, but thats the NPC fodder item). My experience, even on weekends i never had competition while farming these/camping Intulo. The respawn on the Efts is 5 minutes, so MAYBE you can handle one other competition, but more than two farmers out here, nah, there isn't enough Efts and you should go somewhere else.

For those of you who know of better places to farm, this isn't the spot for you. For more patient farmers who want to camp the NM for these slacks to sell for some nice pocket change while getting more chumps change off the Eft Skins, then this is where you should be.

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Anonymous said...

i had a lot of success here as thf 75 with treasure hunter 3, 8-10 HQ eft skins in 2 hours they sell fast 12000+ each (gobbie quest bag item), magic slacks 1/3 so far on NM, watch market as it can become flooded stash skins for later if too many up at once and farm something else until demand rises again.

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