King Truffle

King Truffle

Location: Crawler's Nest

Target: Killer Mushroom

Suggested Level: 55+

There are only a handful of Killer Mushroom's in Crawler's nest, and they only drop off these specific mobs, not the exorays. King Truffle Sell for 50k a stack. Not really any competiton, there just only 6 spawns, with a respawn of 14 minutes. So patient farmers only. Wait... you can also farm lizards since they crap items for you. The lizards in the main room, i doubt exp partys will mind at all, since they only aim for the worker crawlers.


Duncanangelfire said...

they're a pretty rare drop even with Treasure Hunter. Less than 10% drop rate on them, and with a 14 minute spawn time on 6 mobs, you're looking at 2-3 King Truffle drops per hour.

I wouldn't consider Killer Mushrooms prime targets for farming. Especially at lvl 60+...and that's why there is never competition there. they're just not worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

I farmed in CN for King Trüffle.

I got as PUP75/THF 5x in 6 Hours. I need the Items for Cooking.

Not a Good Place to make or safe Gil.

Anonymous said...

Collecting this item may be the easy part for this source of income. I've had to sit on a stack or two of these for a very long time, because demand can be that low. In fact, I would recommend trying to sell singles and stacks simultaneously, to get the best chance of getting rid of them.

When they do sell, they are lucrative.

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