Bird Blood

(Entry Submitted By: Ellipses of Fenrir Server)

Location: Buburimu Peninsula/Labyrinth Of Onzozo

Target: Poison Leech/Labyrinth Leech

Suggested Level: Buburimu-25+ Onzozo-50+

Buburimu Peninsula is great for lower level players looking to make quick gil. The Poison leeches are on a 5 minute respawn and live on the beaches. There are more leeches on the Bibiki Bay side of Buburimu than the Onzozo side. If you are around 25 you may want to watch out for Blood Aggro from nearby ghosts that spawn on the beaches at night, but it shouldnt be a problem if your careful. The leeches drop Bird blood which NPC sell for close to 400 gil, and the drop rate is just amazing, seeing two drop is very common.

Heres my strategy for higher level players, go to the beach near Onzozo, kill the leeches out there, then run inside to Onzozo, right inside the zone is a path filled with leeches. The Bird blood drop rate with the Labyrinth Leeches are a little better than the Buburimu leeches, you can walk out into the room with the cockatrices to kill the leeches that wander into that room. Once you are done with that, zone back out, by then the leeches on the beach will have respawned.

A stack of bird blood will sell for close to 4,800, it doesn't sound like much, but say you walk out after 2 hours with 12 stacks of bird blood, thats 57,600 gil. The drop rate on the bird blood is so amazing i would say you would walk out after 2 hours with MORE than just 12 stacks. However, people are smart and do the same, so competition might be around and kill your gil/hr, if there is, just move to another beach.


Patriclis said...

Yeah, im in Onzozo at the moment farming these and ive killed like 5 leeches and have 10 blood i've literally goten 2 each time so far with only TH1!

Being that they only sell for 3k a stack on my server im going to NPC them. Even at the lowest price possible (342 ea.) ill still net 4104 gil a stack, considering how fast i can get them its gunna bring in gil fast. Haubergeon here i come :)

ALso: great guide selphiie :D

Selphiie said...

Thanks Pat, im glad its working out for you

Irohuro said...

bird blood is a great and easy way to make some quick money if you can get a camp (its horribly overcamped on Hades server ><). i always try and stop by when im bored or not doing anything.
bird blood will probably be what get my SCH from 50-60 spell-wise =)

(selphiie= super awsome pwnage for this guide =D)

Anonymous said...

I know the wiki says "103% drop rate" but this is entirely not true. Perhaps they changed this or whatever, but while I was farming these, (once I finally got a chance to farm), I only got one drop of bird blood every other leech, or something. I'm sure with TH1 it is 100%+ drop rate, but without TH, it's really sorta not worth it unless you can kill these in 5 seconds or something. they have some annoying TP moves, like acid mist (att down) and TP drainkiss/MP drainkiss. I don't really like faring these at a lower level (30~40) but if you can kill them and they seem to drop well for ya, by all means go for it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i cannot find the leeches in the bibiki bay in buburimu peninsula. Can anyone tell me where i can find the leeches in bibiki bay? i found the leeches at the beach in buburimu peninsula.. is that the one ya were prefering about? or is there a different area nearby?

Selphiie said...

There aren't leeches in Bibiki Bay, they are only in buburimu and onzozo.

Anonymous said...

Balder from Caitsith =P

This use to be my home until everyone found out and now it is overcamped like 5 people that camp around here and as a samurai you don't really have anything to really get get the mob so if i was going against a thf they would win. Now against 5 thfs i don't have a chance and the people here are ruthless... many times where i see a mob running with my weapon but than they use their crossbows, gosh i hate when they do that. So I like beast bloods better lol thank god for those or i would be poor

Anonymous said...

I'm a 50 bst atm needing to get some new gear so I go try these leeches. I get there and I'm the only person there for like 2 hours, needless to say I walked away with over 150k with my gimp little 15 /thf lol

Anonymous said...

This is a really good spot to farm leeches when no one is there. When there is no one I sub thf (yes its only lvl 15 lol), and I get like 1.9 drops a kill. When there are others I sub War, which isn't gimped and I voke the leeches from the people camping them. Its wrong I know, but its the only other way to get to them with the Rmts/Thfs/Wars/ what ever else that has an instant/range. As a /war I get about 1.2 drops a kill. I would say that ffxi wiki is right when about the 103% drop rate. Also when at the smaller beach you can cam the Nm Pugil for his gourget. (Low drop rate though, 5 kills no drop yet.) Also, I would suggest you do a /sea on the area before going to camp the blood to make sure it is not overly camped as it always is on my server. (Small last thing. While you are camping the leeches on the smaller beech, if some one enters that area, just make sure all the leeches are dead and they will leave you be. And one more thing. (Gah I am long winded today lol) When camping the nm while waiting for the Leeches to spawn, keep the Shall Shells you get from the Pugs. Decent drop rate with just Th1, and they sell for 9k a stack. on my server.)

alex said...

i love farming these, i go as mnk/thf and own them and still get 2 drops pretty frequently. the only problem is that they are grossly over camped on fairy server. and i cant quite camp in zi tah yet for the other blood. just wish there were more areas to farm these around my level.

Anonymous said...

Whats the NPC's Name...
I cant find him!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been farming these for awhile now and I honestly can't find anything better. This is my biggest moneymaker by far and I wish someone could tell me some place better to farm for my 58 thf because it's getting kind of boring only farming here.

Skandulf said...

Thanks for this Blog, it really helps a lot!!!
Im gonna try this Bird Blood thingy and Ill let you know how it went
Mine blog is

it has to do with NM huntings. :)

Etain said...

This is dead as of 12/8/08, as SE has changed the sell price of bird blood to NPCs. :(

Anonymous said...

I read this in the patch notes too, but I wonder how hard of a hit it's going to take.

I really don't understand why SE would do that. It's not fun, it's monotonous, there's a lot of competition, it's just "easy" money that doesn't rely on a high-level economy where everything but a small set of items sells slowly.


Cori said...

Bird blood now sells for 150ish.

Pretty much every item with a reasonably high NPC sell price has been reduced by half.

Is SE *trying* to make us buy gil?

Anonymous said...

I think SE might want to reduce the amount of new gil being brought into the worlds through NPCing items...Damn It, now I have to go back to fishing ; ;

Anonymous said...

For the record SE droped the price to around half what it was going for

Chris said...

Thx Selphiie! i should have stuck to your guide a long time ago. ive farmed for two straight days pausing only to help a friend and i walked out of bibiki and buburimu with 200K! I think i see a huge shopping spree coming soon =D thx again!

Anonymous said...

SE appertnly screwed us over on this item too.. NPC sell price is now 150-170
just like the bugard skins... wow. they seem to be getting rid of RMT... along with everyone elss income now items are going to be like they want.. NOT items are still going to be outrageus do to people who took advantage of the influx and has a good stash of gil and can toss it about. buying expensive stuff... comon SE! give us a stimulus check :3 do something nice for once

Anonymous said...

Airae from Fenrir here :3
you are very right on the drop rate on these. and even though SE screwed us with npc sales it's still not too bad for early farmers. I got a lvl54 dnc and 68 whm and still use these(mostly because for me onzozo is out of the question haha) on fenrir these arent too heavily camped either. Thank you for this information :D

Todd W said...

Even with the NPC pay reduction I find this is a good money maker. And if there's competition they are often just there for a 'Buncle ruby, so I make a deal that we party, I get all the blood and they get the ruby.

Spidd said...

Unfortunatly SE nerfed the price of how much bird blood sell to to an NPC... i believe its 163gil per blood, still a really fast and easy way to make gil if your strapped for gil. id suggest going blm/thf round em all up and aga them 1 hit kill, get a stack of blood every 5 minutes or so... its pretty amazing.

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