Manticore Hide/Fang/Hair

Manticore Hide/Fang/Hair

Location: Western Altepa Desert

Target: Manticore

Suggested Level: 67+

This spot is one of my favorites. These manticores crap Hairs that sell for 4k REALLY fast, they usually sell as soon as i put them up. Hides sell for 2k a pop but not as quickly, and fangs, just NPC sell those for 600gil. Theres a circuit of Manticores you run, from the beginning of Kuftal Tunnel there are 2 in that area, follow your right hand wall there are 2 until you reach the end of the map. Follow the map down there will be one wandering in the open. You will hit a wall that where 2 more are hiding. Make a swing near Revelation rock for 2 manticore spawns there, then run back to Kuftal where the original 2 will have already respawned.

(Thanks to Aable of the Odin Server for the screenshots)


Anonymous said...

On the fangs, check your server's AH first before vendoring them. On my server they sell for 3k a piece and I haven't had to relist any of them.

vellation said...

I've tried this yesterday without thf sub and got only one hide while killing 10 manticores.
My NPC lvled to 61 and I decided to leave this spot cause it wasn't a good day for farming ><

Anonymous said...

I would NOT reccomend this for a level 67. You get aggro from the surrounding mobs and the manticores are too hard to kill to farm here efficiently. You need to be a higher level to farm here.

Suimaru said...

I prefer to farm these in Eastern Altepa Desert. Lower leveled enemies means less downtime and less unnecessary aggro. Even with /thf, the hair drops fairly often...two hours out in the desert and you should easily walk away with enough hair for 4-5 cycles on the the Auction House.

aaron said...

I actually went to go solo here as 56nin/dnc they are a little tough ranging from DC-T but its good exp and i find that the hair is like atleast an 80% drop i left with like 10 hairs and 4k exp^^

Zidan of Ramuh

Anonymous said...

i farm the hairs for skilling up clothcraft -29, Eastern Altepa Desert is pretty fast as 75 thf/nin, turn the hairs (+ 1 grass thread & 1 bronze ingot) into nin tools (kaginawa needs lvl 15 smithing sub) without losing gil on buying mats.

Anonymous said...

These were not very hard as a BLU63/THF31, i came out here to learn Heat-Breath and then stayed because on the 2 i killed to learn my spell i got hairs on. I killed them with ease and nearly did a circiut before i decided to rest.

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