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SSrengi (ifrit) said...

allright so they skimp our blood.. oO zi tah always has 3-5 people fighting over mobs.... how do yall make gil? ifrit ssrengi

Anonymous said...

idk how many people read these posts, however, if you are looking to make money Zi'Tah is not the place to go anymore. Go to Sea serpant grotto. Go behind the Gold door, and farm all the coastal, lagoon, delta and shore sahagins. All of these mobs drop Coral fragments. although a rare drop, still 15k per on gilgamesh server. also coastal and lagoon sahagins drops spells that can be NPC'ed for a fairly decent amount of gil.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to mention that a good repeatable quest for beginners is Creepy Crawlies in windurst, the one where you have to turn in 3 crawler calculus's or 3 silk threads. it gets you 600G each time if i remember correctly, which is a ton at low levels.


Anonymous said...

Does this forum even get updated anymore?

r said...

If your starting in windy, and do get silk, stack em' and sell em', don't NPC em'. Stacks of Silk go for around 20k on my server. Also if you just run around killing out there, Goblin Thugs carry wild onions, a stack sells for around 10-12k on my server aswell.

Anonymous said...

i heard Selphiie quit so this site wont be updating anymore

Anonymous said...

Drakes in Rivene A and B drop Wyvern skins which are NPC for 900-1k gil and Wyvern wings which NPC for 2kish gil. Pretty decent drop rate, or at least better than goobbue, Drakes are easy to solo now that level restriction has been removed.

zlilith said...

Drakes at Riverne - Site #B01 and
Riverne - Site #A01 drop Wyvern skin which can be NPC for 1kish gil and Wyvern wing which can be NPC for 2kish gil. Low drop rate of 10-15% but can be increased with Treasure Hunter ability.

Tonmoy Roy said...
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