Clot Plasma

Location: Bibiki Bay P. Isle

Target: Viscous Clot

Recommended Level: 75

This is rough, but sells really well. Because of the time and patience it takes to actually get to this island you won't have too much competition. However if there is competition, don't bother at all.

There are only two spawns on P. Isle, and one on the boat itself, but don't actually camp the one on the boat, if it happens to be there and you get a Clot Plasma, then yay!

The drop rate is just horrible, but for you cooks its great profit actually using this to make Crimson Jelly.

For those of you who are not cooks they still sell quick and pretty well. Between spawns i do suggest killing the Uragnites, which i will explain in a different post.


Anonymous said...

they actually spawn on beach 3 and 4

Anonymous said...

I have done this a lot since I have Cooking 100.

Drop rate is a pain but I never saw competition.

There's two spawns points, /thf is recommended not only for the Treasure Hunter but for {Flee} to run in between spawn points.

Farm it only if you can craft it or it's just not worth it.

There's better farming alternatives.


Anonymous said...

complete waste of time with treasure hunter 3, even the clamming is rigged - you only get an igneous rock when your bucket is close to being full, wtg SE for wasting the isles potential.

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