Location: La Theine Plateau

Target: Poison Funguars

Suggested Level: 18+

Now don't think im neglecting you lower level players. The ravines are crawling with mushrooms you can slay to your delight. The ravine near the lake is my favorite. The Sleepshrooms are about a 89% drop and sometimes drop TWO. Sell them in your nearest town for 3k a stack. Its not bad for a starting player looking for quick gil.


Kisuke : Asura said...

Sleepshrooms and Woozyshrooms also drop at a high rate from the Jugner Funguar in Jugner Forest. There are large quantities of these in the northwest "Spore Hollow" section.

While you are waiting for respawn on the Funguar, make sure to check the nearby spawn locations for Panzer Percival!

Anonymous said...

got quite a lot of sleepshrooms, went to town and they only sold for about 300 gil a stack... maybe its just Phoenix server... idk, but i think only the lower levels should farm them.

Anonymous said...

Exorays in Crawler's Nest have a 100% drop rate.

Yeager: Ramuh said...

I went on my 75 THF (TH3) to Jugner Forest in the Spore Hollow area last night for an hour. Came out with 3 stacks of Sleepshrooms plus 4 more singles, and 1 stack of Woozyshrooms with 5 more of them. One thing that helps is that you can use "Steal" to get a Sleepshroom off the Jugner Funguars. Unfortunately, on Ramuh, a stack of Sleepshrooms are only going for 3k a stack and Woozyshroom stack for 2.5k. I would not recommend this for high level farming at all. This is more suited for low to mid level farming.

Anonymous said...

Sheepshroom stacks are 3k on Fairy. You can make more selling mticore hairs than spending time getting a stack that's worth 3k.

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