Beehive Chips/Honey

(Entry Submitted By: Dashknocker of the Fairy Server)

Beehive Chips/Honey

Location: Giddeus

Target: Lower Level Bees

Suggested Level: Pretty low. Maybe 20+ TH1 is recommended for real quick profit

It is probably the only place I've technically farmed (though it was for crafting). The bees have about a 50% drop on chips with TH1. Even if you one-shot the bees, the path you take allows them to just start respawning as you get back to the beginning. This isn't too big of a secret. If you have competition, go somewhere else.


Mr. said...

I enjoy the hill in North Gustaberg. There is rarely any competition, the bees drop a good bit of honey/chips, and Sophie will occassionally be up, and Beestinger's worth a couple thousand gil wherever you go.

TheMattster said...

just an fyi, the recipe for beeswax is:
Fire Crystal
3 Beehive Chips
Distilled water
This sells in Jeuno (ragnarok server anyway) for about 12k and theyre gone almost instantly.

Anonymous said...

Acually, I like to go to West Sart. and do laps around the mountain by OP, tons of bees and crawlers, and by the time you get to where you started, they all respawned.

Browolf said...

I find killing a million low level bees incredibly tedious. There's usually not much competition on bees outside jeuno in rolaberry and the drops seemed better.

Anonymous said...

I farm these alot. The beehive chips sell for 3.5-4k a stack, and the honey for 4-5k a stack. I can easily make 30-45k an hour farming these as a lvl 63 thf in giddeus.

Rexxie said...

In my opinion, you get a much better drop rate and endless respawn in Pashhow Marshlands. Head northeast from the outpost and go south down the far east side all the way to the Beadeaux entrance and then back again. You can kill the funguars too for great shroom drops.

tre said...

this can be really good if u hunt the yags and trade the for tenshodo fame. alternatively use them to start cloth crafting

Anonymous said...

just to let you know ive been doing a lil research to finiding the best beehive chip spots, and i have realised that the wespesn from the crawlers nest seem to be the best, around 60% w/o any TH, for low-ish level characters pashow marshland is good, water wasps with a 40-50% or so drop rate,

Anonymous said...

A 60% drop rate is well and good, but how long does it take you to kill a bee?

North Gusta hill, 2nd level plus 3rd level, is my spot of choice. Including travel time, it takes me 1 hour 20 minutes to get 4 stacks of chips and maybe 2 stacks of honey (that's stealing and fleeing every single time I return to the ramp to the first level). I save up my TP until I get to the top of the hill so I can cyclone all 5 bees there.

I've seen THFs out there one shotting these bees with a crossbow.

Anonymous said...

I usually go to giddeus and pull all the bees snce they can link, most jobs have an AoE WS so that should take care of all your bees at once :)

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