Tree Cuttings/Wisteria Lumber

(Entry Submitted By: Haohmaru of the Seraph Server)

Tree Cuttings

Location: The Boyahda Tree

Target: Elder Goobbue

Suggested Level: 75 (solo), 65+ (duo) this is a good place to farm tree cuttings at a high level. mobs are tougher of course but drop rate is much higher.


Franco said...

Is it worth to farm here? i mean, certainly there would be quite a downtime. Goobbues have tp moves that are such a pain to deal (that aoe silence comes to mind ><). Keep a stack of drops? what would be of the profits then?

Anonymous said...

I would say to go there with atleast 2 ppl if u melee them, 1 melee and 1 healer/silena.
u could probably nuke/kite it but there are often water ele's there so u need to take care^^.

Anonymous said...

so I was there now to try that too.
first of all... gs there :/
u can easily kill these mobs with one melee and one healer... I tried it with BLM and PLD and it was really easy... maybe someone for TH and drops are better too.

Anonymous said...

I faarm there solo as 75thf/37nin
and bring signal/tactics pearl set to soothing healer {lvl67 NPC}, the lumber is a gimmie if ya get any, but I get almost 1 cutting per goobbue

Zeroi said...

I farmed these yesterday with a duo, me SAM75/DNC37, I healed and used Healing Waltz as erase and as a SAM I always had the TP for it. My partner was a 75THF/NIN37, he also used Bloody Bolts to get some hp back, and with TH3 the droprate was great! If you can get a 75THF and some other melee job with a DNC subjob, you'll just rock the place! =D

Joyopjogoyop said...

They drop in Zitah as well and are really good drop rate too :)

Anonymous said...

On quezicolt(?) server i've seen many 75THF/bst solo there, its good to also mention that this isnt just a farming spot but also a great place to lvl your npc!

Anonymous said...

a 75THF/NIN with a very good Evasion set aswell as a good R.Acc set can solo these, i have ~30R.Acc w/ Capped Marksmanship and over 300 Evasion(Including Gear) and the fights were very close due to Anti-phase, NPC took care of Blank Gaze which was nice

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