Golem/Doll Shards

Golem/Doll Shards

Location: Delkfurt's Tower (and various other places in Vanadiel)

Target: Dolls

Suggested Level: 35+

Basically, kill Dolls, get golem/doll shards, they sell for 30k a stack on the AH. The End. (Well...P.S They also drop Mercury which sells for a good 5-6k a stack)


Renarudo said...
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Renarudo said...


In Delf Tower (Lower, Mid, Upper)

Doll Shards are 1k Each when you NPC. Magic Pot Shards are about half (give or take), but are much more frequent drops

On the way from the first floor to the top (where a lvl 75 can get aggro from the Dolls past the door), I encountered a lot more Pots than Dolls, and ended up with a stack of Pot shards compared to half a stack of Doll shards.

I've never seen a Golem shard drop, ever, and I feel they're too spread out for consistent farming.

Pollux Gilgamesh said...

In ZiTah the rock golems drop the golem shards, although the drop rate is abysmally low. Also, at lvl 68, when the region is under the control of one of the nations, the golems will also drop light crystals.


Dallas said...

Fei'Yin is a good place to farm aswell, can also get Mythril Ore and take Magic Pots for their shards and Zircons. Usually I craft the ores to ingots and craft the shards to Cermet.

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