Karakul Skin/Meat

Karakul Skin/Meat

Location: Caedarva Mire

Target: Wild Karakul

Suggested Level: Soloable by a 75 Damage Dealer with skill, a farming friend (preferably with healing capabilities will own this spot)

Take Azouph Isle Staging point and follow your left wall until you see the Karakul, beware of True Sight Imps, however that usually is never a problem due to merit partys. An Alternate way to get here is through Nashmau. Karakul Skins are non-stackable but sell very fast for 4k each. You can load your inventory, run back to Nashmau, load it into the AH and run back out. Meat sells for 10k a stack. DO NOT USE YOUR TP ON THE KARAKUL. I cannot stress enough not to weaponskill on the Karakul, because everytime they use a tp move they spawn a chigoe, what you want to do is save your tp until a chigoe spawns then quickly switch target to weaponskill and annihilate the little bug, then go back to slaughtering the sheep.

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Anonymous said...

Drop rate is only so-so at this spot. Still, it's a very nice place to get parrying skill ups (if you are are RDM using phalanx, otherwise it can be very risky).

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