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Targets: Elementals

Location: Anywhere

Level Suggested: Varies Don't overlook elementals! It's an easy way to get crystals for crafting, and if you're farming somewhere that has a lot of weather it can be a nice reliable source of income, since they drop a cluster every time; sometimes two.


Anonymous said...

Well they don't always drop a cluster, I've had a few thunder elementals that have been pretty mean and not drop anything.

Browolf said...

best places i've found that I know of.

water: 2 lakes south of crag of holla in la theine. A good rain storm with a mage to blast em quick can kill 2-8 easy runing between the lakes. they got approx a 5min respawn time.

wind:la theine. 2 spawn areas around 2 of the scars. SW and NW of the crag it's best to sub rng so you can find them quickly.

lightning: konschtat highlands. but sub rng to find them as they spawn in quite a large area on the western side of the zone

Casey said...

anunymous says:(Well they don't always drop a cluster, I've had a few thunder elementals that have been pretty mean and not drop anything.)

YES THEY DO!! there guaranteed to drop 1-3
but if you kill a elemental that's
from a smn job: (Yagudo's elemental)
you don't get nothing.

Anonymous said...

Elementals are not a gaurenteed drop it is a 99% drop rate or suppose to be. With a th3 thf I have been stoned every once in a great while by the elementals.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous your posts have a lot of misspellings, lies, and they are generally retarded.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

what do the last 3 comments have to do with elemental's?

idk who is posting this crap but STOP!

the site admin will be contacted if another post other than info about elemental's is placed.

(this is not the place to discuss physiological disorders)

Anonymous said...


Though I think you mean psychological. =P

Darkangel said...

Never had no drop whit elementals so far >.> even whitout treasure hunter.

Rosemarie said...

I've had hit and miss with Eles. I usually farm them as a lvl 40 WHM and on good drops I usually get 2-3 Clusters and 1 Crystal. On bad drops.... nothing. Otherwise the drops are somewhere between those two. I'm usually farming them while I fight the leeches in Pashow Marshlands. Pretty good considering it's right behind the OP.

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