Khroma Ore

Location: Mount Zhayolm

Items Required:
Field Tunica Set
Worker Tunica Set

SE has been looking into RMT Miners who POS Hack around the mining spots in Mount Zhaloym, the Khroma ore is a very rare find but completely worth it. Before mining in Mount Zhaloym you may want to come as Ninja Main job or subjob for Tonko:Ichi/Ni, if not prism powders and silent oils work just fine, just be careful of aggro while mining. Khroma ore sells really quick because they are used to make Imperial Wootz Ingotz. However because of this RMT and legit players alike are exploiting this and the price of the Khroma ore itself is dropping. In a few weeks i saw it drop from 500k to 300k. Also when coming out here it is advised you do the Mount Zhayolm map quest and get the key item to open the Gates of Halvung seeing as MOST of the mining points are behind the gates themselves. If you are using magic for invis and sneak be careful of magic aggro mobs (Bombs), if you are subbing dancer be careful of job ability aggro mobs (Puddings). Invisible will get you by the Hilltrolls, Sneak will get you by slimes and Wamoura, which are true sound, so take care.


Skye said...

Super helpful :D I want to try this now. Just a note though, Wamoura Princes don't aggro, only the Wamoura do.

Selphiie said...

Thanks, i could of sworn they aggrod but maybe I'm going insane, lol, i'll change that.

Anonymous said...

Correction to Skye:

Wamoura Princes DO aggro, but not if you have Sneak on.

Lou said...

Wamoura Princes do not aggro. The link with Wamoura, which is where your misconception comes from.

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