Giant Bird Feather/Plume

Giant Bird Feather/Giant Bird Plume

Location: Misereaux Coast. Lufaise Meadows.

Target: Giant...FROGS? (Giant Birds..duh...)

Suggested Level: 75

Solo go to Misereaux coast and near the waterfall is just an army of giant birds. Giant bird feathers sell for 9k a stack, and Giant bird plumes sell for 60k a stack! Or grab a few lvl 75 friends from your linkshell and go merit in Lufaise Meadows on the birds out there, its fun to merit with your friends, and you can all farm them. no one ever merits out there thanks to TOAU.


Timing said...

Ehh the drop rate on the Feathers is "decent" but Plumes are like 1 or 2 an hour (with TH1).

Anonymous said...

I'm a 75 SAM/THF w/ Polearm an I do 2k-2.5k per Penta' so I get a decent amount more then 1-2 an hr more like a few stacks an hour

Anonymous said...

Farming tabar beaks an sauromorouge champaign has a better drop of the feathers and tehy take less time to kill

Anonymous said...

I don't care if you can Penta thrust for 100k, you are not getting a few stacks of Plumes and hour. You're getting a few stacks of feathers (if you truly are getting that much).

If you can Penta your way to a few stacks of plumes in an hour, you'd be looking at 180k gil per hour.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad thing to fight while lfp ~65, they will net u about 50xp and if u do actually stack the plumes, i got 3 in 2 hours, then more power to u.

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